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"Your Home should tell the story of who you are,
and be a Collection of what you Love."

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Our Slogan

“Committed To Superior Quality and Results”

Who We Are

One of the unique aspects of Srambiseni is that we are both designer and contractor. We provide a single source of responsibility from project conception through building occupancy. Early in our design careers, we saw mistakes happen when we handed a project over to a contractor who would not build the project as it was drawn. In the typical designer/contractor relationship, both sides have only partial control of the overall process. Information can be lost during the transfer of responsibility. Also, a client can end up in the middle of conflict in which the designer blames the contractor and the contractor blames the designer for a problem. Design-build allows us to pursue standards of excellence that are difficult to realize in the typical designer/contractor relationship.

Meet Our Team

Syamil Daud
Founder / Project Manager
Syahir Mansor
Founder / Operation Manager
Faiz Ramli
Senior Designer
Nasaie Mohd
Project Technician
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