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"Be faithful to your own taste because nothing
you really like is ever out of style."

Our Process

1. Quotation

An in-depth analysis of the client’s brief and requirements will be done in a short period of time. We will then give you a FREE estimated quotation for you to review.

2. Space Planning

Space Planning is a fundamental part of the interior design process, where will first start off with a site visit to survey the surrounding conditions. This is to measure up the space and envision the movements that will happen in those areas. Together, we will re-organize a lay-out to determine cost-efficient and space-saving solutions

3. Conceptualization of Design

This conceptualization stage is where we brainstorm on creative design concepts and practical, cost-saving solutions, to be proposed in our layout plan. Planning of the color scheme, lightnings, fabrics, furniture, and so on will also be discussed

4. Construction

After the design and concept has been finalized, we begin with the real work; this is where your vision turns into reality. We will work closely with the craftsmen and suppliers to ensure that everything has been constructed properly and functions correctly, with no malfunctions or errors.We will give you constant updates on the progress of the construction.

5. Project Turnover

The moment of truth, the big reveal! After wrapping up with some additional touch-ups, cleaning, and moving in your furniture, we turn over the finished product to you.

6. After-Sale Service

Even after the completion of a project, we remain contactable if any defects were to occue. We take full responsibility and will try to resolve these issues to the best of our abilities. Warranty is also included as a form of quality assurance. We’ll do regular check-ins with you to make sure you’re settling down well in your new, dream home!

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